Roommates rental

Alhamar Granada Residence Hall also has rooms. Renting a room in a shared student apartment accommodations is the most demanded by the people who want to study in Granada, this type of accommodation is a good way to make domestic and foreign friends, you choose !!!

In an apartment you live shared with other students, share kitchen, bathroom, in a 3-5 bedroom apartment. Students will be responsible for day to day wear chores like cooking. Also having the option of eating in a nearby room only for our students.

Granada floors using Spanish are fully furnished, with 1-2 bathrooms, kitchen with gas or vitro, refrigerator, washing machine.

The student flats are the best alternative for those looking for affordable prices and want to meet other students.

All floors are in the downtown area of ​​the city and about 15-20 minutes from the study centers.

Granada is a Spanish company with many floors dedicated to the world of the student and are dedicated to renting rooms to students in our apartments the center of Granada. The advantage you have with us, is that if you do not like your room or your teammates, you can change the room or floor at any time, to be a company with various floors, thus saving unpleasant surprises and having several opportunities to find partners with that you're in tune signing one lease, although the course is started. Sure we'll find something to your liking !!!

Apart from accommodation you can hire other services such as washing and ironing and maintenance with full board.

Come and visit our apartments. Our telephone number is (0034) 958 52 25 68.

A woman cleans the common areas and in your room if you want, this is once a week. Also you can be ordered optionally washing and ironing.

We flats with Spanish boys and elsewhere !!! Granada Spanish wants to help adapt to Granada


If you are interested / a in family stay, please contact us directly via email or phone.

Student Accommodations in Granada you staying in their own accommodation: Granada Granada is a Spanish company whose main objective is to facilitate the accommodation of new and old university members, primarily students coming to Granada. To this end, it has created this entity has more options sought by students either in rooms, apartments or dorm, choose from our facilities according to your personality !!!!:

Student residence Alhamar.
Rooms in shared student flats, for those who do not know anyone with whom to share apartment in Granada (we make the selection for you) or for those who come for shorter periods.


Monday - Friday: 9am - 20pm
Saturday & Sunday


Tlf (+34) 958 26 06 33


c/Alhamar nº 33 blq II-1A