About us


"Estudiarengranada" is a company with many flats, dedicated to the world of students. We are dedicated to renting rooms to students in our flats in the centre of Granada. The advantage you have with us is that if you don't like your room or your flatmates, you can change rooms or flats at anytime. Since we are a company with different flats, we can save you disagreeable surprises and have various opportunities to find flatmates who you get on well with and will sign just one rental contract, even though courses have started. We will surely find something to your liking!!!

Besides accommodation, you can hire other services such as laundry service and catering with full board.

Come and visit our flats. Our telephone number is 34 958260633.

A housekeeper cleans all the common areas and even your room once a week if you like. You also have the option of getting your laundry washed and ironed.

We have flats with Spaniards and people from other countries!!! "Estudiarengranada" wants to help you adapt to Granada.
Type of room     Rental Time
Per Month     Per Week     Per Day
Individual     273,50 €     100 €     20 €
Double     229,40 €     80 €     15 €
Optional services
Service     Price
Laundry washed and ironed     40 euros / month
Common area and room cleaning     45 Euros / month
Caja Fuerte     9 Euros / month
Full board     371,50 Euros / month


Monday - Friday: 9am - 20pm
Saturday & Sunday


Tlf (+34) 958 26 06 33


c/Alhamar nº 33 blq II-1A