Shared flats to rent - Granada


"Estudiarengranada" also disposes of rooms. Renting a room in a shared flat with other students is the type of accommodation most in demand by people who want to study in Granada. This type of accommodation is a great way to make Spanish as well as international friends, you choose!!

In a shared flat, you will live with other students, and share a kitchen and bathroom. The flats have between 3 and 5 bedrooms. Students will be responsible for daily housework such as cooking and cleaning. You also have the option of eating in a nearby cafeteria, just for our students, for 284,8 Euros/month.

The flats that "Estudiarengranada" utilizes are completely furnished, with 1-2 bathrooms, kitchens with gas or ceramic stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines.

The student flats are not luxurious, but they are the best option for those looking for economic prices and who want to meet other students.

All the flats are located in a central location in the city, about 15-20 minutes from the study centres.



Monday - Friday: 9am - 20pm
Saturday & Sunday


Tlf (+34) 958 26 06 33


c/Alhamar nº 33 blq II-1A